Governance Today exists to:

    assist non profit organisations be more effective in their governance practices;
    provide support to and professional development for board members individually and collectively; and
    help board members be the best they can be in their role as organisational governors and leaders.


Compliance v Performance – where does your board spend most of its time?

A board of management has 2 primary functions, namely Compliance and Performance. How your organisation performs over the long term can be dependent upon what your priorities and focus are in relation to these 2 obligations.  Read more...


Accountability: for what, to whom and how – the role of the Board

Calls for greater accountability by boards in both the non profit and for profit sectors has intensified in recent times, due primarily to the findings of the most recent Royal Commissions and other enquiries. One is left to wonder if we would have experienced the type of poor behaviour and resultant tragic outcomes that have been highlighted by these enquiries, if greater degrees of accountability had been accepted and implemented by the boards charged with the governance of organisations in these sectors.