Governance Today exists to:

    assist non profit organisations be more effective in their governance practices;
    provide support to and professional development for board members individually and collectively; and
    help board members be the best they can be in their role as organisational governors and leaders.


Governance Excellence Forum Update – Saturday 28th July, Ballarat

The Forum will enable board members to engage in a highly interactive and participative professional development program close to home and, at a fee that has been subsidised by Governance Today. The program will cover 5 key areas associated with a contemporary approach to good governance in the not for profit sector.  Read more...


Successful Leadership of an Organisation – What does it look like?

Over the past 12 months, we have witnessed the very public demise, on both a national and local level , of organisational leaders – Chief Executives, Board Chairman and even whole Boards have either “fallen on their swords” or been dismissed for poor performance and failures to fulfil their fiduciary, governance and leadership responsibilities. Read more...