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Business Insights

Business Insights - Mark C Schultz - 1st Edition Paper Back Knowledge, advice & lessons learnt from experience, mistakes and history.

This pocket sized book is a collection of reflections and learnings based on Mark's 35 years of working with employers, employees, business partners, principals and managers of both large and small organisations in capital cities, regional centres and rural communities across Australia.
  • Introduction
  • Leadership, Culture & Governance
  • People: Customers & Employees
  • Risk & Financial Management
  • Strategy
  • History
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Good Governance Good Business

A guide for not-for-profit organisations on how to govern for success and sustainability.

Author Mark Schultz has written this easy to read guide for any person involved in organisational governance.

"In his insightful new book, Mark Schultz challenges many of our notions of accountability in the not-for-profit sector. He asserts that not-for-profit boards face increasing scrutiny and elevated expectations and should operate more like their forprofit counterparts. Schultz advocates ongoing assessment of board members and provides tools and templates that will add structure and rigor to the assessment process. His case studies demonstrate how easily not-for-profit leadership can make poor decisions and what we can learn from the outcomes of these decisions. Thoughtful and candid in his approach, Schultz has created a practical guide to effective not-for-profit governance that will prove instructive to new and seasoned board members alike." - Rita Gail Johnson, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Chen Dance Center, New York City

ISBN: 978-0-9874952-0-4

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Volume discounts for 10 copies or more.

Governance Matters

This publication provides a "Commentary on contemporary issues in governance in 2015"
  • Governance: what is it and why is it important?
  • What makes a great Board great?
  • A Board member's duty statement
  • Organisational culture: the role of the Board
  • Keys to effective financial governance Performance management: what gets measured, gets done
  • The many faces of non-profit accountability
  • Compliance vs performance: finding the right balance
  • Board evaluations: a key component of good governance
  • An annual agenda: a useful governance management tool
  • The big issues that will confront Boards in 2015 and beyond.
  • Price: $15.00 plus $5 postage and packaging (in Australia) Volume discounts for 10 copies or more.