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  • GT Forum 2018 | Ballarat |28 July 2018

    The Forum will enable board members to engage in a highly interactive and participative professional development program close to home and, at a fee that has been subsidised by Governance Today. The program will cover 5 key areas associated with a contemporary approach to good governance in the not for profit sector, including:

    • Session 1: Governance Excellence: Principles & Practices of best practice Governance
    • Session 2: Performance Management: The Organisation, The CEO and The Board itself
    • Session 3: Contemporary Issues: The new and evolving issues facing Board members today and what we have learnt from the past 12 months
    • Session 4: Governance Audit and Action Plan: A practical approach to a Governance review
    • Session 5: Off site at your organisation: A one on one consultation to review the outcomes of the Governance Audit.
      This is an opportunity to arrange a consultation with the workshop organisers for feedback and discussion about board development with your Board Chair and as many of the Board as you choose. To be arranged at a time convenient to your board, with two months of the workshop date.