Governance Excellence


Governance Today has been established to assist and support Boards of Management and Directors fulfill their duties and responsibilities as leaders of their organisations.

Being a Board member of any organisation in today’s rapidly changing external environment requires an in depth understanding and knowledge of the role of the Board and the contribution Board members make both individually and collectively to the sustainability of their organisation.

Being a part-time non executive director, and often in a voluntary capacity, places further pressure on individual Board members to successfully do their job and in a today’s ever increasing litigious society, risks at both the organisation and individual level must be appropriately managed to protect assets and reputations.

Led by two highly experienced principals, Mark Schultz and Stephen Lake, Governance today is based on one very simple premise "Good Governance is Good Business." Mark and Stephen have over 50 years combined experience in working with and on Boards and have developed a range of services that can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual organisations.

Practical advice around "Compliance, Performance & Sustainability" will ensure Board members will play their part in creating and maintaining a viable organisation that meets the expectations and requirements of all stakeholders.

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