Author's Name: Stephen Lake
Date: Tue 01 Sep 2015

What is your organisation's journey like?

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It can be fascinating to compare your experience serving on the board of an organisation with that of a journey to a destination. How does your experience compare?

Do you all agree on the destination? Did you agree on a destination at the start of the journey? Did you make a plan to reach the destination? Have you thought through the risks you will face on the way? Do you have an experienced guide? What's changed on the journey? Is your destination still valid? If not, can you agree a new destination and does everyone want to go there? Is the journey in the best interest's of your organisation? Can you afford the journey? Will you run out of fuel on the way?

Did you pick the right route for the journey? Does it minimise the risks? Are you travelling down dead ends or taking short cuts that prove to be long cuts? Is it full of turns, mountains to be climbed and steep descents? What condition will you arrive in? Does the route change when you change drivers? Will you and your fellow passengers enjoy the journey or will some leave before the end?

Have you missed connections? Why was that? Was your scheduling too tight? Can you reconnect?

Are you enjoying your fellow passengers? You don't generally get to choose your travelling companions on a board as they are subject to an election process. What is it like travelling with them? Are some loud and boisterous, dominating conversations? Does everyone have their say? Are there cliques from which you are excluded? Does the driver (the Chairman) seek input from all board members or is the Chair autocratic?

Do you stop and start frequently? And if so why? To let others on and off, because you are lost and need direction, to refuel or for repairs? Are fellow travellers leaving to take other transportation? 

Are you stuck? Have you broken down? Did you pick the right vehicle: is it overpowered or underpowered? Old or new? Well maintained? Suitable for the journey? Servicable or can't you find a mechanic?

Will you be welcomed at the end of your journey? Will there be someone waiting for you or has everyone given up on you?

Was the journey a good idea?  With hindsight would you take this journey again? What would you do differently?

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