Our goal is to assist you, your board and your organisation be leaders in your governance practices, a process we must all continue to work at on an ongoing basis.


Governance Excellence Workshops

From 3 hours to 2 days, participate in a program that explores and clarifies the duties, responsibilities and functions of a Board of Management /Directors. Case studies, practical and interactive discussion and contemporary resources provide a valuable learning experience in good governance.

Our model for Governance Excellence has been developed over many years of research, advisory work and professional development. Our Principles establish the foundations to guide board members in the endeavours and our Practices provide a framework to implement Good Governance into the leadership and strategic management of your organisation.


Governance Masterclasses

A 3 hour subject specific workshop that focuses on a single governance responsibility; for example, sustainability, risk management, financial management and performance management. Detailed resources and case studies delivered by experienced and knowledgeable facilitators.


Board Advisory Services

Organisation specific services that assist individual organisation’s address particular governance issues; for example, board governance policies, board evaluations, CEO reviews and strategic governance/structure reviews -all designed and delivered by governance experts specifically for your organisation.


Annual Governance Forums

A series of Forums delivered throughout the year designed to update board members on key and emerging governance issues. Furthermore, new or aspiring board members will be able to participate in a Forum that is designed to meet the specific needs of the less experienced member.


Our Private Network

Our Private Network has been created to support our Members and contribute to enhancing good governance practices in the non-profit sector. Membership is available to all who are interested in professional and organisational development. Over time, resources will be added to for access by Members, as well as our ongoing publications. We will also utilise this Network to update Members on developments in the sector and provide a forum for Members to “ Ask us a Question.”